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Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1. Tools and Warnings
Step 2. Opening the Device
Step 3. Removing the ROM
Step 4. Some more Screws.
Step 5. Removing the Ribbon Cables
Step 6. More Ribbon Cables!
Step 7. Preparing to Overclock.
Step 8. Overclocking With The Pencil
Step 9. Tips On Reassembly.
Step 10. Testing Results!
Want Me To Do it For You?
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Since I have posted this guide some months ago, I have received over 100,000 hits on this portion of my site! Many people run into things that are not covered in the guide. I hope to address these Issues Here! Please be sure to read this section before sending me an email.

  1. What is the risk factor in overclocking my PPC?
    • When you overclock, you will be voiding the PPC's warranty. Casio will know if you have taken the unit apart! Other risks involve damage to the processor because it will now be running at a higher speed, and therefore, a higher temperature! This will reduce the life of the processor. You pose some other risks as well, such as data loss, or a static burst on the circuit board. These risks, in my experience, are minimal with the overclock proposed here. I imagine that the life of the E-115 will only be reduced by a little (I can't give an exact time in months or anything though :) ). If you are careful about how you take the device apart, you will not damage any of the circuitry either! The units are actually fairly robust, and handled with care, I don't see much of a problem. As for the overclock, remember, it is reversible! You can just reopen your unit and erase away the led you placed over the poles! So if you are having big time trouble with some imcompatibility, or something won't work, you can UNDO your work!
  2. What performance increases will I see? Is it really worth it? Will it perform better than the E-125 or EM-500 PocketPCs?
    • The most noticeable areas where you will increases in performance are in gaming and multimedia. I saw an average improvement of 5-10 FPS in PocketTV. Where some movies were jittery in viewing, they were now smooth! I also saw an improvement in the ability of the Windows Media to play MP3s. I could actually switch to another program without the usually loss in audio quality that I had come to expect! Doom was a game that I could never really play before, but now it works great! Some people have reported that they could play Doom just fine before the overclock, but I don't think that is the general case. Gaming overall will be faster, and load times will reduce dramatically!
    • As for the unit performing on par with the E-125 and the EM-500: I now personally use an E-125. Casio did more to improve performance than by just using a faster processor. The E-125 runs much faster than an overclocked E-115. This I have seen by using both units side by side. Sorry to dissapoint those who were hoping for a faster PPC than those E-125 owners!
    • IS IT WORTH IT? Considering you can find the E-115 for 300 dollars now, and you can extend its performance with this simple procedure, my answer is YES! If you don't use much multimedia or games, then don't really worry with the overclock.
  3. What about battery life? Will the battery juice be "eaten-up" by the faster more power hungry processor?
    • A quick answer is NO! Lee Xiaoming has looked into this at Dale Coffing's PocketPCPassion site. The lowdown is that the increased speed will only reduce batter life by 10-20 minutes.
  4. Does the overclock operation work on the E-100 or E-105 as well?
    • Once again, the short answer is yes. I have not done it myself (I did own both models at one point, but never tried this), but I have heard that the inside is the same, and that everything in my instructions works with the E-100. So give it a shot! I know that VOBenchmark does not work with the older version of Windows CE, so you will need to search for another one to test your device! It will be hard to tell if it is overclocked without the benchmarking utility.
  5. Will the graphite "stick" to the board, or will it loosen and fall off over time?
    • I have yet to see this happen. If you cover your work with the tape that is inside the device, this will not happen. If you want to be doubly sure, your can add a small piece of electrical tape inside over the area you added graphite. This is not really necessary though.
  6. For those international users: What is a number 2 pencil?
    • I really don't know what the equivalent of the number 2 pencil in other countries is. If you have successfully done this, please let me know what type of pencil you have used!