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Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1. Tools and Warnings
Step 2. Opening the Device
Step 3. Removing the ROM
Step 4. Some more Screws.
Step 5. Removing the Ribbon Cables
Step 6. More Ribbon Cables!
Step 7. Preparing to Overclock.
Step 8. Overclocking With The Pencil
Step 9. Tips On Reassembly.
Step 10. Testing Results!
Want Me To Do it For You?
Overclock Your EM-500-Guide By Fayle
Overclock Your E-125-Guide By Fayle

UPDATE: Jan 2003 - It's been awhile since I have modified anything to this guide. I still receive numerous emails regarding questions and people who want me to perform the service for them. However, I rarely check the email that was listed (yahoo email) because my yahoo account has become overwhelmed with spam and junk mail. As such, I really no longer use that email. I have updated my email and will try to help out with your questions. As for the service, I really haven't done any in a long while because of lack of follow through. I had tons of requests for a long time, but very few people would actually send me their device. Because of this, I discontinued this service! If there are those who really want me to do it for them, let me know, and I will consider doing it.

Don't want to do the Work yourself? I can do it for you for only 30 dollars! If you would like to learn more, please send me an email!

I will Overclock:

  • E-100-E-105
  • E-115
  • E-125
  • EM-500

The process is simple.

  1. Ship the Device to Me
  2. I will Overclock it For you, reassemble it, and not harm it guaranteed! I will even do the backup and restore for you!
  3. I will ship it back to you (shipping will be charged to you)!

Estimated Costs are only 35-45 dollars! Your PPC will run much faster! Turn around time once I receive it is about a week including shipping to you (depending on what return shipping service is used).

If you are wondering about my qualifications, you can check some references for trustworthiness!

  1. My Ebay Seller Feedback
  2. (More will be coming)

A little information about me.

I am the owner of a startup web services company - Websnappy.com, with aspirations of great success! :) I am a graduate physics major at Cedarville University! More information to come!