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Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1. Tools and Warnings
Step 2. Opening the Device
Step 3. Removing the ROM
Step 4. Some more Screws.
Step 5. Removing the Ribbon Cables
Step 6. More Ribbon Cables!
Step 7. Preparing to Overclock.
Step 8. Overclocking With The Pencil
Step 9. Tips On Reassembly.
Step 10. Testing Results!
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Step 1. Tools and Warnings

To get Started, you need to gather some tools and equipment. You will need a jewelers screwdriver (approx size for the screws on the back case will work for all screws), a No 2 Pencil, some tweezers will help, a magnet tip (optional-not pictured), and an Ohm-Meter (Radio Shack). The items are picture below!

Warning! ALTHOUGH it is fairly easy to work with the device, please take the following precautions! Do not use excessive force on any of the screws, ribbons, or sockets. Gentle pressure will do for most cases. The ROM screws will be glued to the board and will take a little extra pressure to break the glue off of them. Be cautious of static build up, you can fry the circuitry pretty easily. Before you touch the board, it is always good to touch any screwdrivers, fingers, etc to a metal object to release any charges. Also, be careful when using the magnetic tip, do not hold it for extended periods near the circuitry!