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Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1. Tools and Warnings
Step 2. Opening the Device
Step 3. Removing the ROM
Step 4. Some more Screws.
Step 5. Removing the Ribbon Cables
Step 6. More Ribbon Cables!
Step 7. Preparing to Overclock.
Step 8. Overclocking With The Pencil
Step 9. Tips On Reassembly.
Step 10. Testing Results!
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Overclock Your EM-500-Guide By Fayle
Overclock Your E-125-Guide By Fayle

Step 10. Testing Results

Once everything is back in place, you can turn your unit on! It should go through all the First Time screens you saw when you bought your device (or did a hard reset!). You can choose to restore your system here, or you can do it after you run the test. It will make no difference in the test results that will indicate if you have overclocked! To overclock, it is best to use VOBenchmark again . If you have overclocked, your results should turn out like the screenshot below!

The only place you should see a change is in the CPU category. You might see some improvement in other areas too! It does not have to be exactly the same number, it can be close. If your screen looks like the above, you have successfully overclocked your E-115!!!! Just compare it to your earlier results when Running VOBenchmark!


I hope that this guide has helped guide you through the techno stuff to easily learn how to overclock! If it doesn't work the first time, your probably need to get that pencil and make a couple more passes on Pin 2!

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