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Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1. Tools and Warnings
Step 2. Opening the Device
Step 3. Removing the ROM
Step 4. Some more Screws.
Step 5. Removing the Ribbon Cables
Step 6. More Ribbon Cables!
Step 7. Preparing to Overclock.
Step 8. Overclocking With The Pencil
Step 9. Tips On Reassembly.
Step 10. Testing Results!
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Step 2. Opening the Device

To Open the device, there are 4 screws located on the back side of the cover, you will need to answer these. Be cautious not to lose those screws! Also, there are to plastic clips that hold the plastic together on the sides. See the images below for better information!

See Picture Below for more detailed look!

Once you have unscrewed all four screws, place them in a safe place, separate from the rest of the work area. You are now ready to take off the back cover! You will need to be careful here. There are two clips inside the device that are holding it together. The pictures below shows the approximate location of the clips on both sides of the device.

To separate, start on the side opposite the action wheel and put pressure with your thumb on the area indicated by the arrow, with a little effort, the side should pop out of the clip. Then, do the same on the other side, the pictures below should help!


You should now be able to swing the back cover off. Careful again though! There are two wires that are attached from the back panel to the circuit board (for the backup battery). You should be able to pull the back panel away as show below!